Dirty Burgers to lose your mind
These double crunchy chicken burgers are for those who want a big dose of pleasure to lose control, to lose their minds. Feeling like an Egg Boom or Bacon Crunch?
Let your instinct choose for you;)
Cheese First
Irresistible double crispy chicken with cheese and cheddar sauce, caramelized onion and mayonnaise with a spicy touch. (fries included).
BBQ Beast
Barbecue lovers, this is your burger! Crispy double chicken, juicy pulled pork, melted mozzarella and chives. Mayonnaise and BBQ sauce are not lacking. Impossible to resist! (fries included).
Wild Duo Combo
Choose two chicken burgers with two portions of fries and a starter to share. Join the Dirty Burgers addictive party!
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