A premium meat experience
Luismi Garayar, considered "the butcher of the best chefs", selects himself the best cuts of beef for you to experience a whole new way of tasting food at home. Accompanied by gourmet sides, we create a unique experience magnifying even more our main product: the rib-eye Steak.
What you used to find only in the best restaurants, now delivered at home!
Rib-eye Steak (1kg)
Perfect rib-eye Steak selected in Galicia (Spain) by Carnicas Luismi. Accompanied by a French gray salt served separately. A complete gastronomic experience!
Menu Steak for 3
Our 1kg rib-eye Steak -selected by expert Luismi Garayar- to share and three sides to choose. Enjoy the experience!
Black truffle pure
Creamy mashed potatoes with our special black truffle tartufata sauce. Ideal to accompany your Steak. With no doubt, one of the favorites of our gourmet public!
Lettuce buds
For extra freshness! Lettuce buds with smoked Idiazábal cheese and a tasty sherry vinaigrette flavored with oregano, thyme, paprika and parsley.
French fries with homemade alioli
Our classic french fries now accompanied by a homemade alioli recipe with a touch of smoked paprika from La Vera. And do they taste good? HEAVENLY GOOD.
Padron peppers
Fried peppers with a touch of salt made with lots of love! 100% from Padron, where these peppers originally come from, to guarantee an authentic gastronomic experience.
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